First Time Participants


Although there are five suggested steps to an Earth Exchange, what the whole event is really about is getting reacquainted with a place you care about that’s damaged or endangered—and knowing that people all over the world are doing the same thing on the same day in places they love.

Here are some things you might want to focus on, whether you’re alone or with others:

•    What did you love about this place and how do you feel about it now?
•    What is most disturbing to you about the current situation?
•    What can you find there that is surprising, life-affirming, or beautiful?
•    How is the place trying to survive or even prevail?
•    How do the “wounds” of the place remind you of your own wounds?
•    And how do its attempts to prevail remind you of your own?
•    If this place could talk, what would it say to you?

For more information, download our Earth Exchange Manual.
See How to Find a Wounded Place if you need help finding a wounded place near you.
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