Vision, Mission, and Values


We envision a planet where people and wounded places are reconciled through acceptance, compassion, and acts of beauty, so no part of the Earth is alienated from those who have loved it.


We believe that creating a sustainable, thriving future on Earth depends upon opening our hearts to the natural world in its brokenness as well as its splendor. When the places and species we love are under assault, we humans hurt, too. Our mission is to give people the opportunity to deeply connect with natural places that have been damaged through human or natural acts. Spending time in wounded places, we expose our hearts to difficult feelings of loss and guilt; listen to the land and to one another; and open ourselves to possibilities for finding and creating beauty there. In this way we recognize that all of nature is part of the cycle of life and embark on a path of passionate activism based on acceptance, love, and creativity.


We believe that the health of a people is intricately connected to the health of the natural world they live in.

We value the beauty and mystery of nature, in its splendor as well as in those places that have been damaged through human or natural acts.

We believe that the increased threat of global climate change and other ecological assaults demands a way of living on Earth that will enable us to cope with painful losses and give future generations tools and practices for loving, being at home in, and caring for the planet we leave to them.

We believe that our feelings of grief and despair about damaged nature can be healed by attending to nature’s wounds; grieving what is lost; discovering nature’s resilience; and meeting her with love, curiosity and reverence, as we would a beloved relation who is suffering—for that is what she is.

We believe that acts of love, beauty, and acceptance of nature will restore a sense of wholeness to both people and nature—that as we heal nature, it heals us.