Wyman Park


Submitted by Autumn VanOrd and Lisa McCall, Baltimore, Maryland: City park

We again went to Wyman Park in Baltimore, where we picked up two bagfuls of garbage from the stream that goes through it. You can see behind the picture of us the huge pile up of branches that block the stream and therefore catch the garbage.

Interestingly, a young man from the neighborhood, very rough and raw, came down on his bike. He was there to dig up worms for fishing. We had periodic conversations with him as we were revering and cleaning up the area. He talked about how much he had loved coming there growing up, but how much change had happened that wasn’t good. He used to find big worms easily, but it’s gotten harder. He said he made sure he didn’t take worms that were too small because he knew it would harm their population. He also talked about helping kids understand that you have to take care of the environment. He was very wise and tuned in. Autumn and I felt it was a very timely meet up.