Submitted by Jennifer Wilhoit, Sebastopol, California: Treephilia (site of healthy redwood that was cut)

We did this year’s Global Earth Exchange to honor one robust redwood tree that was recently felled on the property on which we reside, as well as all redwoods that are cut while still healthy. All items that we used to make the image came from this land (including metal springs found on the edge of the property). The bird sits atop a ring of sawdust, representing the circle of life. To the right of his tail feather is a sodden bird nest with shell and desiccated lizard; we see this as the bird’s altar, his resting place, his refuge. After telling our neighbor about RadJoy and the GEX— when she came out to see what we were doing, she spontaneously joined the effort by offering two feathers from a dead bird she had found in her yard. After sharing stories about redwoods and the felling of this particular tree, we sat quietly. We created the image atop the remaining redwood stump.