Kitsap County, Washington, United States—Tree death and beach pollution—Jennifer Wilhoit

Kitsap County, Washington, United States—Tree death and beach pollution—Jennifer Wilhoit

Why you went to the place you chose.
Falling trees due to erosion as well as myriad, direct human impacts are all over this beautiful treesy PNW. Several months ago this giant fell, finding its resting place near several others that had fallen in recent years.

What you did there.
We found a clearing on the beach where pebbles had been ground to a fine sand. It happened to be at the base of the cliff where trees have been falling.

What the people in your group felt about the event when they first arrived….
We felt dismayed at first because this winter-serene place is polluted with loud, raucous, littering, partygoer nonresidents in the summertime. They have little investment in maintaining the pristine quiet and natural beauty. We also noticed all the drainage pipes running like devouring snakes down the cliff side; we called them “unsightly.”

 … and how they felt at the end. (Was there a change in people’s feelings or mood?)
We were tired after spending several hours telling heartbreaking stories and gathering the items to compile our bird-art. But we were also filled with joy at the amazing creation we endeavored toward.

What it was like to make your RadJoy Bird.
We loved it! We used fallen limbs from one of the trees, seaweed, twigs, shells, stones and rocks, crab shells, desiccated pine boughs to make our prettiest GEX offering yet.

Whether the place itself felt different at the end of your event.
Yes, absolutely the place felt different. We felt we’d added something very special to a place many locals avoid. I actually want to go back there.

Any future plans for taking care of this place?
Yes. While we hike this beach frequently, we haven’t done much to care take it. Since our GEX, we have committed to visit, clean up, make altars and beauty there on a regular basis.