Global Earth Exchange 2017 – Sharing Love of Place

Photos from the 2017 Global Earth Exchange


Once each year, people all over the world go to damaged places they care about and make a simple gift of gratitude or sympathy for them. Often that gift is a bird made of materials the place itself provides. Any kind of creative offering you make is valuable and important! 

Sharing Love of Place 

Together we will:

  • Share our love for these places
  • Acknowledge our sorrow about what has happened to them
  • Feel the inspiration of people all over the world who are observing this day in a wide variety of damaged places
  • Strengthen the bonds of our community
  • Support one another to continue our individual work

Since our first Global Earth Exchange in 2010, women, men, and children have made simple, spontaneous gifts of beauty at gas fracking sites, clear-cut forests, the polluted Pacific Ocean, endangered dolphins and bats and honeybees, the war-torn city of Kabul, ancient Stonehenge, the tsunami- and nuclear plant-ravaged city of Fukashima, and hundreds of other places.

Over and over, concerned people discover that, when they allow themselves to drop deeply into the Earth’s not-so-lovely spots… and then find a way to embrace that ugliness and love the place for what it is, then we:

  • shift our whole relationship with the place
  • discover new empowerment to deal with loss and anxiety
  • form stronger bonds with other people in our community  

Click here for our Earth Exchange Toolkit, filled with ideas for doing your event.

Click here to download a flyer you can adapt for you event. Flyers in Spanish and German also available.