Here are the systems now in place on the new website for GEX 2016:

1) People register their Event
When submitted, the data in the form goes to Trebbe via email.

 2) The information from the registration goes in two places:

a) Listing of GEX Events:
Go to “Events” on Dashboard > Choose “Add New”.
Be sure to put in the Title of the event, any “extra” details that were given in the main window,  unclick “comments” & then underneath fill in the details of time, place, etc.

In the right column, fill in relevant “tags”; choose category “GEX 2016”; and “GEX” as your Custom Builder layout. Then click “Publish”.

b) Map of GEX Events:
Go to “Placemarks” on Dashboard > Choose “Add New”
Put in the Title, and a one-sentence summary, FILL IN THE LOCATION, and un-click “comments”
Then, in the right column, click the category “GEX 2016 Events”, and “single” as your custom builder layout. Then click “publish”

3) CiviCRM Entry?

4) Communication to the participants, welcoming them, telling them their listing is up and inviting them to think about how to document their GEX. Also sending them their t-shirt.

5) Stories

a) Right before June 20th, GEX participants will be contacted and given the password to a protected page where they can upload written stories, photographs, videos, audio, etc. from their GEX celebration. Make sure they know to include the name of the event & the hosts’ name, and set the “Category” as “2016 GEX Stories”.

That page is here:
The password is: gex-2016-beauty

b) The completed stories are saved as blog posts, waiting for approval.
1) Go to Dashboard > Posts > Pending
2) Make any corrections or edits (make sure the category is listed as GEX 2016)
3) Set the layout to “single”
4) Add any tags you want to, if they haven’t done so already
5) Hit the “Publish” button.
(They’ll be published automatically when approved).

c) Once they have been approved/published, the stories/reports will be automatically displayed as part of a post feed called 2016 GEX Stories that can be linked to from wherever we want.

6) Images for Gallery

  1. In the dashboard, go to “Gallery” in the left column
  2. Choose “Add Gallery/Images” from the menu that opens up from there.
  3. On that page, choose the “Upload Images” option
  4. Choose GEX 2016 for the gallery
  5. Then click the “Add Files” button (which will let you browse to where your images are) or just drag and drop the image files to that space. Be careful not to duplicate them – you only need one of each – or include images you don’t want to show up in the slideshow.
  6. I will publish the gallery when it’s ready and you give me the “go ahead”