South Lake Tahoe Earth Exchange


Submitted by Laura Staman, South Lake Tahoe, California: Lake suffering form drought and global warming

South Lake Tahoe’s Earth Exchange centered around the changes in our environment due to the drought in California, and we were in solidarity with two other Global Earth Exchanges in California, San Leandro and Laguna de Santa Rosa. Themes of acceptance about the changes in our environment came through as we accepted difficult times in our lives and saw openings for new beginnings and healing. We recognized our own strength to do our part to make a difference and that loving ourselves brings more balance and wholeness to the world. We created our Radical Joy Bird and gave greetings and thanks to the Moon Circle in Machaipongo, Virginia for the poem they gave us for South Lake Tahoe and for the Chesapeake Bay water that was infused with water that was blessed from John of God. We also greeted Crested Butte, CO and recognized their fight to save their Red Lady mountain from mining operations. We then poured the Chesapeake Bay Water and other water from home into Lake Tahoe and the mouth of Taylor Creek where the kokanee salmon spawn to bless our home.