Standley Lake & Woman Creek Earth Exchange

StricklandSubmitted by Christi Strickland, Westminster, Colorado: Standley Lake & Woman Creek (nuclear runoff into waters)

Radioactive Runoff: Our 2015 Global Earth Exchange for Standley Lake and Woman Creek Reservoir was an experience of community, collaboration, support, and full of the love and appreciation for water. In our finding and making beauty for the lake whose land and water had been impacted by Rocky Flats, a production site for nuclear materials, we also held in our awareness Fukushima. We wondered how water, this part of our living earth that responds so strongly to energy and intention, is shaped and shapes radioactivity. On the same day, less than a mile a way, a group gathered to raise awareness to stop construction in the area that could release radioactive particles into the air. And then later that day several of us joined the Global Dances for Water, honoring water all over the planet. We sent our well wishes to Ravenwood, our sister site. We took a moment to remember the victims of the Charleston shooting, and all communities impacted by violence. The reminder: we each find our way, do our part, bring our stream into the river of change, let’s become an unstoppable force of healing. We pulled away from our site, our RadJoy bird awaiting the next visitors, in our rear view mirror we saw the cove and shore fill with geese.

Here are some words from our collective “Speaking Out Loud To The Water” act of beauty:

  • Water has given so much, and so we give back with words, movement, homeopathic blessings.
  • We are speaking out loud of comfort and flow.
  • What radioactivity rests in your sands?
  • Flags of caution, flags that remind us “care.”
  • Dear birds and plants, we are sorry, and thank you for holding and carrying the wounds of this atomic world.
  • Thank you, and we experience your wholeness and remember that our own wounds are part of our wholeness.
  • Fear comes up, we step forward and step back.
  • We are on the way!

Radical. Joy. Savory.