Seeking a Social Media Wizard!

Radical Joy for Hard Times is seeking a young, talented, energetic person to work with us 5-6 hours a week for three months (April 2-July 2) on a special project that will connect people around the world in giving attention and creativity to hurt places. The project pays $2,250 ($750 a month). If we work well together out, RadJoy will be happy to extend the job.

If you or somebody you know would be right for this position, please contact Polly Howells (phows (at) aol (dot) com), our Job Search Team Leader. 

Here is a detailed job description:

We’re seeking someone who is fascinated with social media tools and looking for an exciting entry-level job to start using your skills, enthusiasm, and creativity. Working from your own home, you’ll use your social media savvy to help us promote a June event when people around the world will make spontaneous, collaborative art in ecologically damaged places.

You’ll inform current and gather new members of our global network, share stories about the participants, get our work noticed, and link up with and respond to members of our network. We are a small organization, and this is a great opportunity for a young person who’s getting started in this field and looking to gain experience doing meaningful, creative work.

Job duration: April 2-July 2

Salary: $2,250 ($750 a month)

There is a possibility for the job to continue if the initial project works out well.

 As our Social Media Wizard, you will:

  • Manage our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others you may recommend)
  • Work with the executive director and team leaders to create regular social media posts 
  • Prepare photos and text for social media posting
  • Study and interpret social media engagement to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Promote our programs, practices, and philosophy
  • Help identify new individuals and organizations to bring into our network and keep them informed

You will be able to work from your own home, staying linked with our Pennsylvania office through regular communication with the executive director and/or team leaders of special projects. Your hours and tasks will vary from day to day. For example, you may work 4 hours one day and 15 minutes the next. We want to rely on your creativity, curiosity, and expertise.

 Here’s what we offer: 

  • Work with a pioneering global community dedicated to helping people live in challenged places with meaning and purpose
  • Ability to work during a time frame you can largely determine for yourself
  • A  great way to build contacts with people around the world doing cutting-edge work on behalf of the Earth 
  • Invitations to attend programs and events in your vicinity

Job requirements 

  • Demonstrated experience with social media sites 
  • Enthusiasm for the Radical Joy for Hard Times mission
  • Curiosity 
  • Ability to write well and spell correctly
  • Ability to be self-motivated
  • Knowledge of social media best practices
  • Great references