Ravenwood Global Earth Exchange


Submitted by Corinna Stevenson, Sayward Valley, BC, Canada: Ravenwood Global Earth Exchange

For over a decade, Ravenwood Forest has inspired, transformed, and nurtured all who visit. Ravenwood Forest is located in the Sayward Valley, which has been increasingly impacted by logging. The system as a whole: The rivers, the ocean, the wildlife, and the people have been affected.

Participating in the Global Earth Exchange for us was a day of community, ceremony, and giving back to the land in the Beauty Way.

We chose to complete our ritual in a cut block up on Mount H’Kusam where we had a view of the valley, the river, the mountains, and the ocean. Each of us spent some time with the land, getting to know it as it is. When we were done we circle up and made our Radical Joy Bird, a Thunderbird. When this was done we drummed and sang a gratitude song. As we began to sing, two eagles appeared from the surrounding forest and added their beautiful voices to ours. When we were done, they circled high above us once more and disappeared back into the forest. It was magical. A powerful affirmation of our interconnection with Everything.

Much gratitude to all who participated.