Radical Beach Joy Durban!

Frangs Durban

Durban, South Africa—For the oceans—Sonia Pithey & Janet Frangs

Durban is a City built along beautiful beaches—it is a place shared by so many—a place that provides unending radical joy.

The beaches and the deep blue sea share in our joy but also experience our short-sighted disregard for this powerful, yet fragile life force.  Without consideration we leave our litter, our plastic, our furniture, our old tyres, our nappies, our bottles, our fishing line, our disrespect and we take much more than we need—the fish, the eels, the molluscs, bi-valves. And so today we created our beautiful whale-shark… as a symbol of all life in the ocean and we gave thanks for all life. We recognised that each one of us has a part to play and that each of us can make good through our own actions.

And so we decorated our whale-shark with beauty and with fun. We shared our thoughts with the sand where we wrote our power-word—our commitment to our oceans and to ourselves. We played and danced and made music around our whale-shark with gratitude for those who felt drawn to participate and we smiled at those who observed  for we know that we cannot forever remain on the outside looking in. And so we shared our Radical Joy for our wounded oceans and for the life within them and then we danced some more.