Sharing Our Love of the Aquifer: 2017 Gainesville Earth Exchange

Come share your love of the Florida Aquifer!

When the places we love are threatened or damaged, we respond in different ways. Some work tirelessly to protect them. Some are so devastated they avoid the place as much as they can. Some educate. Some litigate. Some make art. Some write letters.

The Global Earth Exchange is a day when people around the world who care about a certain place come together there to share their experiences, get to know the place as it is now, and make a gift of beauty for the place.

Join us on Saturday, June 24, to honor a special place in our own town. Together we will:
  • Share our love for the aquifer
  • Acknowledge our sorrow about what has happened to it
  • Feel the inspiration of people all over the world who are observing this day in a wide variety of hurt places
  • Strengthen the bonds of our community
  • Support one another to continue our individual work

Details on what to bring and more of what to expect will be emailed to those who RSVP. Otherwise, we’ll see you at Alachua Sink!