Making Beauty on the Border

earth exchange 2015 027

Submitted by Wendy Steele, Clones, Co. Monaghan, Northern Ireland: Making Beauty on the Border

Our group gathered together just outside Clones. Once a thriving ecclesiastical centre and busy market town but now right on the Border, Clones has undergone severe depression from Partition and the more recent Troubles. With members of our group approaching from both the North and the South of Ireland we walked quietly into the town centre each in our own reflections and memories, arriving at an old graveyard overlooked by an ancient Round Tower. There we found a small wooded grove surrounding the stumpy remains of a gigantic oak. It was in this secret place that we made our bird. Debbie wanted to free the bird so we carried her to the base of the Tower. Later we lit our Solstice fire, dance and leaped across the flames being joined in our circle by a tiny wren.


  • Wonderful to see Wendy and to hear the love and kindness and beauty brought with intention to the border between Monaghan and Fermanagh.