Jordan Valley Creek- planned remediation site near Springfield, MO


Submitted by Sasha Daucus, Jordan ValleyCreek-Springfield, MO: old railway platform

Jordan Valley Creek runs underground through a mostly abandoned industrial area in Springfield, Missouri. The area has been heavily contaminated with petroleum products. The city of Springfield is gradually creating a large park from the area, and there are plans to restore Jordan Valley Creek to the surface so that it flows through Springfield, Missouri again. In our GEX, we gathered on an abandoned railway platform in the Jordan Valley Creek area. The day was very hot and humid. We built the bird out of discarded iron, trumpet flowers, glass and other miscellaneous pieces we found. We brought connected energy into our hearts to our Make Beauty/Pass It On Partner who is doing a GEX in South Africa to honor Rhinos. Then as a group we sang a song “Old Ones hear us/ Old Ones rejoice./We are the Children/Sending a voice./ No more destruction/No more remorse./ Dancing the heartbeat/ Back to the Source,” (by Moving Breath) . We picked up trash and planted a Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant. We then wandered around in the area a bit identifying useful plants that grow there, including St. John’s Wort and Evening Primrose.