Honouring the animals


Submitted by Charlotte Phillips, Ananta Sacred Space, Gandesa, Catalonia, Spain:
Animals worldwide

I chose sunset to make a small altar dedicated to animals worldwide.

I then stood on a rock overlooking my land and  spoke a heartfelt thank-you to all the animals for their existence and the joy they bring to many of us and the rich diversity they bring to our planet.

During my little “speech” I spoke to the animals that are kept in confinement for our food sources, thanking them for their compassion and wishing for better conditions, more humane death and generally more respect for them in the future.

Also to the wild animals who are having their lives and habitats interfered with by human beings and our unholistic actions.

I then watched 2 films, one highlighting the plight of bees devastated by the effects of pesticides and interference with their breeding by humans i.e. artificial insemination, amongst other things! And the second film about wild lions, whose numbers have gone from 450,000 to 20,000 in just 50 years.

Seems to me we have a lot to put right again in the world!