Healing the Gallows


Submitted by Paul Fearon and Katherine Peacock, Waterford, Ireland: Hill once used for hangings

I arrived at 1.45 and drummed for ten minutes. At exactly 2 pm a young boy showed up on his scooter and drummed, shook the rattle and gave me a huge hug of welcome. As I waited and sat with the Hill other boys showed up and drummed they never had tried before. They were naturals. After some Time I said we are going too create a bird from materials lying around. We can use vegetation or anything. I began to collect beer cans and bottles and asked the boys where will we make the bird. As i picked up articles the boys suggested where they should be placed.

The young boy in the photos showed up with his brother and he set to re arranging the bird and making suggestions for feathers. It was like he was born to do this. I could be still there now as the creation moved on to create another bird behind. I told them its ok if the bird breaks up or is blown away. While we were there three adults showed up to talk about surveying the hill. The boys asked when would I be back and will I bring the Drum.

Locals listened from their doorways some clapped when the young boy began drumming, I was waved out of the estate near the hill. One man said he believes its a fairy mound and should not be touched. However I was touched by the creativity and spontaneity of the young people who showed up today June 20th 2015. I asked the boys to say the name Brooklyn New York as a group there are meeting to also make a bird. I told them others all about the world were doing the same thing. Their creation will be seen throughout the world. Many thanks to the community in Dungarvan, Co Waterford and to Katherine Peacock who registered the event with Radical Joy.