More Ideas

Here are a few ideas you might want to bring to your Global Earth Exchange experience:

  • Drum, sing, or play music for your wounded place.
  • Sit down with a tree, plant, stone, river or some other part of your place and tell it how you feel about what’s happened to it. (This works even better if you speak aloud!) Then, when you’ve finished speaking, just sit and pay attention to how you feel or what inner “message” you receive. Then share what you’ve discovered with the rest of the group.
  • Share stories of the history of the place. You might want to invite one person to start the process—an indigenous person, someone who’s lived in the area his or her whole life, a scientist who can explain what’s happening to the ecology—but make room for all others to share what they know as well.
  • Make an apology to the place. You can do this with words, with the gift you make at the end, with poems, word, or songs.
  • Make a Truth Mandala, an exercise created by Joanna Macy. Draw a circle in the ground and divide it into four quadrants representing Grief, Fear, Anger, Emptiness. Invite each participant to take a turn in standing in some or all of the four quadrants and speaking aloud how these feelings emerge as they spend time in this place.
  • Look for beauty and signs of life in the place. Then, each member of the group can take all the others to see that beauty for themselves.
  • Make an altar and invite everyone to place something on it that represents their hope for the place, their longing for personal healing, or some other meaningful offering. Dismantle the altar before you leave.
  • Bring some water from a pure source to the place and pour it over the plants, soil, or waters that need healing.
  • Consider the people whom you feel are responsible for the damage to this place. Who are they? Now yourself: Why are these people doing what they’re doing? Do you yourself have any responsibility for what has happened? Can you offer the perpetrators any compassion? What can you do, here and now, to express that compassion?
  • Have a picnic.
  • Invite everyone present to make a commitment to take some action, inspired by your visit, on behalf of this place or the Earth itself or the community.
  • And, as a gift to this place, make your RadJoy Bird out of materials the place itself offers you. Then take a picture and send it to us!