GEX with Children

Dear Parents and Teachers—

Thank you for your interest in joining the Global Earth Exchange. You’ll be joining people all over the world to bring attention and beauty to places where we live and that we love that are damaged or endangered.

Children and young people are deeply connected to nature. They know that many places on the Earth are hurting and they are disturbed by that. When they have the opportunity actually to go to one of these places and do something fun, adventurous, and creative there, they become more engaged in their world. And that means they’re on their way to becoming adults who will put a priority on protecting the places that are important to them.

Ever since the first Global Earth Exchange in 2010, children have been taking an active and often leading part in the adventure.

Click here to download our Earth Exchange Guide for Children & Adults.

“For the kids, there is usually a sense of impotence, that the ‘big’ things happen out of their hands. The Global Earth Exchange is something all of us can do together.”