How to Find A Wounded Place

What is a Wounded Place?
We are all surrounded by places that have fallen on hard times:

  • Clear-cut forests
  • The ocean
  • An industry closed because of a toxic spill
  • A gas fracking site
  • Animals in food factories
  • A favorite tree blown down in a storm
  • A waste dump
  • A nuclear power plant
  • A hospital
  • Your own garden where honeybees no longer come to pollinate
  • Wetlands plowed for a mall
  • Current weather patterns
  • A war-torn city

Often we tend to ignore such places, feeling there’s nothing we can do about them or that it will be too depressing to see them in their current state. But time after time, people who do Earth Exchanges tell us, “At first I didn’t even want to go there. And I ended up falling in love with the place!”

Just type in your zip code, and these sites will give you information, background, and locations of ecologically damaged or endangered places in your area:

Scorecard: The Pollution Information Site

EPA: (Environmenal Protection Agency)