Global Earth Exchange Kaui


Submitted by Shea Armstrong, Kaui, Hawaii, For endangered ocean and seabirds

We offered our Global Earth Exchange on behalf of the ocean and seabirds that are increasingly at risk.  As endangered species biologists we often witness, first hand, the impacts humans have on wildlife and ecosystems.  Our Radical Joy Bird spontaneously took on the shape of a seabird, which in Kauai is tied to both the ocean for food and the mountains for reproducing.

We built our bird on the tide tine so the ocean would reclaim it.  In this way our impermanent offering reflected the nature of accepting the challenges as they are and taking action in our own ways to contribute to helping life thrive.  Having the opportunity to pause, reflect, and appreciate the ocean and birds is not often possible when doing our field work.  We left the day feeling grateful for the opportunity to give back with artistic expression and mindful attention.