Feasting the Spirits of Bell’s Cove

Barnardsville, North Carolina, United States—Bell's Cove—Daniel Foor

Barnardsville, North Carolina, United States—Bell’s Cove—Daniel Foor

On Saturday, June 18th a dozen of us spent two hours in ritual space in deep listening with the spirits of the land at Bells’ Cove in Barnardsville, NC. We crafted an offering with prayers for the humans and other-than-humans to be well with each other and as a gesture of respect for the past four years of the Firefly Gathering. We explored how even conscious folks trying to get it right can overstep and how coming with active listening and an open heart is itself a give to the spirits whose bodies are the natural world.


  • Thank you. What a beautiful photo and evocative sharing of the event. It sounds like a a very special sharing and discussion that I’d like to have participated in. 🙂