2018 Global Earth Exchange:People Binding the Earth


We can’t wait any longer
to love the places we’re losing!


Saturday, June 16

When you love a place and something happens to it, you feel sad! Angry! You feel that something vital and important has been stolen from you and robbed of its own essence!

The Global Earth Exchange is the day when people around the world proclaim that they refuse to abandon these places they love, just because they’re hurt!

There are 7 simple steps to doing an Earth Exchange:

  1. Go, alone or with friends, to a wounded place.
  2. Sit awhile and share your stories about what the place means to you.
  3. Get to know the place as it is now.
  4. Share what you discovered.
  5. Make a simple gift of beauty—often a bird made of materials the place itself provides.
  6. Take photos of the place, your group, your gift.
  7. Send us a photo and a short description of what happened, and we’ll put it on our website and social media.

This year, the Global Earth Exchange kicks off PEOPLE BINDING THE EARTH, a yearlong project when our gifts of beauty to our places will include marigold yellow yarn.

To register your Global Earth Exchange, click here.

When you sign up (free) for the Global Earth Exchange, you’ll receive 8 feet of organic yarn dyed with plants. Use it to weave into the sticks, stones, trees of your hurt place and join others doing the same!