People Binding the Earth with Beauty—All Year Long

On June 16 people around the world joined our 9thannual Global Earth Exchange, going to damaged and endangered places and making a simple act of beauty for them.

Our theme this year is People Binding the Earth (with Beauty and Love). We gave 3 yards of golden yarn to everyone who signed up and invited them to weave it into their act of beauty. (Read the stories and see all the amazing photos here.)

Let’s keep weaving the Earth’s hurt places with beauty and attention all year long! Let’s refuse to abandon a place that has given so much to others of all species!

What places can you weave with beauty?

If you’d like some of our hand-spun, organically-dyed yarn, just email us, along with your mailing address, and we’ll send you 3 yards at no cost, along with a postcard with information about the woman who spun and dyed it and the sheep who donated it.

Be sure to send us a photo of your golden gift, and we’ll put it on our website.

With golden yarn we’ll:

  1. Symbolically “bind together” wounded and endangered places with beauty and love.
  2. Call attention to these places! Make passersby notice, pause, and wonder.
  3. Link members of the RadJoy community who are willing to show up and show their love of place.
  4. Have a light, handy, golden “tool” that you can carry in your car, your purse, your pocket, so when you notice a place in need of beauty, you can instantly create some.

If you prefer to make your gift of beauty for hurt places without yarn, using only the materials the place itself offers, that’s fine. The important thing is keep making beauty for hurt places—wherever and whenever we can.