2018 Global Earth Exchange


Imagine the whole Earth radiant and renewed
with simple gifts of beauty in hurt places!

Saturday, June 16


The Global Earth Exchange is Radical Joy for Hard Time’s signature annual event!

On this day, people around the world go to damaged and endangered places they care about to share stories, get to know the place as it is now, and make a simple gift of beauty for the place.

This year, the Global Earth Exchange kicks off PEOPLE BINDING THE EARTH, a yearlong project to attend to hurt places by binding them with a simple golden gift!

To register your Global Earth Exchange, click here.

Equipped with marigold-yellow yarn, we’ll call attention to these places as we share our photos and stories with others on the RadJoy website and social media. In this way we connect with others who share our concerns as we bring new life and meaning to the places we love.


When you sign up for the Global Earth Exchange this year, you’ll receive 10 feet of yellow yarn dyed with organic plant materials, along with a packet of information about People Binding the Earth, the farm your wool came from, and the person who spun it for you. We invite you to use the yarn when you make your gift of beauty for your place on June 16 and then to “bind” other hurt places you encounter in the days and weeks to follow.

To see the slide show of the 2017 Global Earth Exchange, click here. To read the stories of what happened, click here.