Embracing Beauty


Submitted by Mariette Hurter, Gordon’s Bay, South Africa: From the Children

Gordon’s Bay beach, South Africa was an obvious choice after getting into an argument with picnic goers some time ago about a piece of aluminium foil left to blow into the sea, saying that people get paid to clean the beach, they should work for their money. And although trash is all around, moss are growing on plastic bags, the ocean hiding her inflicted wounds.

We invited some children to join in returning beauty to the earth. They started right away and during the process there was a lot of collaboration and the excitement could be touched. Then we noticed a plastic bag in the water and some young girls (6 year olds) were putting stuff into it. They were collecting mussels and the bag was crawling with hermit crabs. We asked them to please take out all the hermit crabs while some of the children explaining why they should not take the hermit crabs, but we left them with the mussels, figuring that they are collecting it for food and that maybe they really need it. A wounded 4 legged sea star also came from the bag and one of the children rescued it after he explained that sea stars regenerate their arm if it gets broken off. It was as if nature gave us the opportunity to nurture and really take care of her.

Then something even more incredible happened. Four-year-old twins stood staring at one of the 5 birds we created for much longer than you would believe four-year olds-can be completely still. Just staring. I wish I knew what they were thinking, but we left them, staring back at them, in their silence. It was truly amazing! Without becoming airy-fairy, I guess that this is exactly the power of the Rad Bird project. It captures the energy, creates awareness, reconnects, harmonises…

We left with the tide coming in and on our way home Savian 11 said, “Mommy, the sea took the beauty in.”

Thank you for this awesome experience!