Earth Song (for the Whole Earth)

BlairstownSubmitted by Joy Kreves, Genesis Farm, New Jersey

Today was the first sunny day for awhile here in Blairstown, NJ.

We had a beautiful day here in which to hold our Earth Exchange.  Although it is a bit early, holding it today enabled friends Linda & Nino to come and join myself, my husband Jonathan, and Sister Miriam to climb up the mountain at Genesis Farm.  There, in a mowed circle of the meadow, we found the site of a campfire bordered by a circle of stones.

We gathered wildflowers and grasses, and made a bird there (facing our partner, MAKING BEAUTY ON THE BORDER in Northern Ireland) on top of the charred wood, which we thought of as wounds from war and destruction.  It was very, very hot there in the sun, so after talking about border conflicts and making our peace bird, we put a note in its beak and headed down the mountain to find shade.