Bellows Air Force Base

Kashinsky 1200

Submitted by Lizabeth Kashinsky, Oahu, Hawaii: Bellows Air Force Base

There were 3 of us this year, and we returned to Bellows Air Force Station where we met last year. The area is the site of one of the earliest known settlements of pre-Western contact Hawaii, and most of the native plants and animals are no longer present here. There is also the military presence and it serves as an R&R for military active duty and retired. Itʻs also in an are where there have been recent massive harvesting of sea cucumbers which are essential to the ecosystem. We gathered, read poems, recited mantras, and went off alone for awhile and came back to share our experiences, then created our bird. I did not see it until I looked at the photos, but our bird looks just like a fledging black footed albatross chick!