Ambridge Reservoir

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Submitted by Joanne Martin and Marcia Lehman, Independence, Pennsylvania: Protect Ambridge Reservoir

There is a beautiful reservoir of crystal-clear water—the Ambridge Reservoir. The surrounding land has recently been leased for natural gas drilling. A few miles to the north a land site is being cleared potentially for an ethane cracker plant. The impact on the land, water, air and community is likely to be profound. Caring individuals from Citizens to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir and others, came together this GEX to bring beauty to a region under threat: Nancy, Pat, Wilma, Jim, Bob, Marcia and Joanne. We gathered at the water’s edge in a light rain storm. Following our music and prayers, one of our gifts was to witness an osprey perched in a tree and take to the skies a few times to hunt fish. We constructed our Rad Joy bird from trash and natural materials. She had super long legs and looked much like the blue herons that live near the water. Our closing song was Gratitude by Ana K.W. Moffett: I thank the earth for feeding my body I thank the sun for warming my bones / I thank the trees for the air I breathe / And I thank the water for nourishing my soul.