Earth Ambassadors

Radical Joy Earth Ambassadors is a council of 14 volunteer-advisors from around the world who are dedicated to the principles and practices of Radical Joy for Hard Times and have been actively exploring ways to carry our message in their communities.

The Earth Ambassadors is both an advisory and an honorary group. Members (1) participate in special webinars to discuss important topics and have conversations with leaders in other complementary fields (2) share ideas and concerns with one another via a private Facebook page (3) offer feedback to the RadJoy board and director on programs and policies (4) receive support for their work.



SASHA DAUCUS is a master herbalist, nature educator, energy healer, and Avatar Master. She runs the Golden Light Center a place in the Missouri Ozarks where people come to learn skills for living in greater harmony with themselves, other people and nature.






JANET KEATING served the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) based in Huntington, West Virginia, beginning in 1992 as a Project Coordinator (2007) and retired as its Executive Director in 2016. Janet co-founded The Alliance for Appalachia (2007), a regional coalition working to end destructive coal mining practices and to create a just, sustainable Central Appalachia. She co-organized the first U.S. Central Appalachian Women’s Tribunal on Climate Justice held in Charleston, WV, (2012), presenting its findings at the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainability. Keating holds a B.A. degree (Anderson University, 1972) with graduate studies in biology from Marshall University (1987-1992). She has received local, state and national recognition for her efforts. She serves on the steering committee of Christians for the Mountains and the Alumni Engagement Committee of Windcall. A West Virginia native, mother and grandmother, with a passion for birds, Keating feels deeply drawn to protect the people and places she loves.





HARRIET SAMS has worked as an archaeologist and landscape connections facilitator for years. She also has a background in adult education, especially in educating people about the prehistoric landscape of the north of England. Harriet has facilitated Global Earth Exchanges (GEx) in places as diverse as Neolithic stone circles and fracking sites, connecting participants to the Earth beneath them through meditation, music and drums. Harriet is a passionate advocate of rewilding children through connecting them to our land and ancestors through archaeology and ecotherapy. 

She has been an ambassador for RadJoy for seven years and sees the GEx as a crucial element to her work. 


If you’d like to be an Earth Ambassador
, please contact us and tell us about your past and current work in the RadJoy community and why you would like to join.