Earth Ambassadors

Radical Joy Earth Ambassadors is a council of 14 volunteer-advisors from around the world who are dedicated to the principles and practices of Radical Joy for Hard Times and have been actively exploring ways to carry our message in their communities.

The Earth Ambassadors is both an advisory and an honorary group. Members (1) participate in special webinars to discuss important topics and have conversations with leaders in other complementary fields (2) share ideas and concerns with one another via a private Facebook page (3) offer feedback to the RadJoy board and director on programs and policies (4) receive support for their work

Mike-BeckMIKE BECK is a retired fighter pilot, a drum maker and a wilderness rites of passage guide who lives in northwest Florida, where he has a small workshop on the shores of East Bay in Navarre. He creates custom hand drums and helps other do the same in traditional ways locally and across the United States. He also travels around the country facilitating therapeutic drumming events. He has trained at the School of Lost Borders in Big Pine, California and Ontos: A Center For Being in Pensacola, Florida to guide a spectrum of pan-cultural spiritual paths to wholeness in natural world settings. Additionally, he is a published writer and poet and a member of the Northwest Florida Literary Federation.





STEVE BROWN was born in the Sonoran Desert, grew up in the Santa Rita Mountains near Nogales, and now resides in Tucson. For many years, he and his wife Alice owned a meat market in Vermont, where he became a skilled meat cutter. He holds a B.A. from Yale (1971) and an M.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College (1988) that have led to a Commission as a Minister of Healing and Reconciliation.  e has pursued this vocation in both public and private sectors through “Commonwealth Solutions,” a consulting firm that catalyzes relationships that promote human dignity.



SashaSASHA DAUCUS is a master herbalist, nature educator, energy healer, and Avatar Master. She runs the Golden Light Center a place in the Missouri Ozarks where people come to learn skills for living in greater harmony with themselves, other people and nature.






KristaKRISTA GROMALSKI is co-founder of Heron’s Eye Communications, a mission-driven marketing and publishing company. She is a writer and painter, and enjoys hiking, kayaking and biking. Krista holds a B.A. in Communications, with a concentration in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications, from Wilkes University and M.A. in Sustainable Business and Communities from Goddard College, with a focus on youth-led engagement journalism in Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal region. She has worked in the public relations and journalism fields for more than 20 years, and launched the youth-edited newspaper, Coal Cracker.

Federico-HewsonFEDERICO HEWSON is a modern Renaissance man with a history that includes dance-theatre, performance art, peace & environmental activism; teaching, museum work and activism in London and Amsterdam. He is currently getting a new Masters in artistic activism at NYU and is glad to have participated in the Earth Exchange since the beginning. He grew up with a father who loved camping in Russian River and Yosemite in Northern California. As a child “Rico” had his own favorite ghost tree that he and his twin would leave messages in. He continues to deepen his connections with nature as a supposed adult.




Harriet-LockHARRIET LOCK has been working with natural energy for a number of years, in order to help heal wounded places and also in order to channel abundant earth energies to enable well-being in people. Harriet particularly concentrates on working with sacred sites or historically wounded places, such a Roman quarry where it is known that many slaves endured great hardships and often died. Her work enables her to explore the wildest parts of Britain, finding lost ancient sites and reconnecting them to the collective consciousness of humans. She lives in the north of England with her two daughters, a cat and two dogs.

SandyBuSANDY LONG is co-founder of Heron’s Eye Communications. She is an award-winning writer, columnist and photographer, a published poet, musician and outdoor recreationist whose personal vision is influenced by her interaction with the natural world. Sandy has an affinity for finding the heart of a story and an eye for artful images. In September 2014, she served as the first Visiting Artist in Residence at Shenandoah National Park, seeking to capture its essence in support of her belief that deepening connections to places we love fosters both gratitude and stewardship.


Joanne-MartinJOANNE MARTIN As a Principal with East Vision Partners, Joanne offers leadership and team development, and executive coaching. Her ideal clients are those willing to stretch and challenge themselves, embrace new perspectives, and become agents for transformation in their families, relationships and organizations. Joanne’s special area of interest is exploring the intentional development of ecological identity and consciousness in organizations, as sustainability initiatives and corporate social responsibility practices become integrated into operations. She believes that actions rooted in ecological worldviews will provide for intrinsically motivated changes that will have more integrity and traction.

Dianne-MonroeDIANNE MONROE writes: “I dwell in the edge places and tide lines of things. From that place where horizons meet and wild things grow, I invite others to walk their own wild edges, listening for that place where personal story meets world story. As a Personal Mentor and Inner Wilderness Guide, writer and photographer, I blend creativity, Expressive Arts and deep nature connection to support others in discovery and deep understanding of their soul purpose and path in our changing times. I’ve spent over 20 years creating and offering experiential and transformational programs and workshops.”



KindeKINDE NEBEKER is a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide, graphic designer, teacher, artist and occasional writer. She is the creator of New Moon Rites of Passage centered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kinde earned a master’s in Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in Ecopsychology from Naropa University and guides nature-based trips that are designed to deepen and transform participants’ relationships to self, to the natural world, and to the world of spirit. She is fully committed to the shift in consciousness that we humans must make in order to become a sustainable species on the planet.


Fran-SorinFRAN SORIN is an author, gardening and creativity expert, deep ecologist, CBS Radio News Contributor, and Ordained Interfaith Minister. She also has extensive media experience—as a media trainer, broadcaster, journalist, inspirational speaker, and celebrity spokesperson. Her book, the updated 10th Anniversary Edition, Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, uses gardening as a tool for creativity, well-being, and transformation. It is even more vital today because our culture has become increasingly obsessed with technology and progressively more “nature deprived.” Fran has spent more than twenty-five years initiating and working on community projects that have served the diverse community of West Philadelphia.

StricklandCHRISTI STRICKLAND writes: “I live, work, create, and play in the Longmont /Boulder area of Colorado. Radical Joy for Hard Times speaks directly to my heart and is a way to honor my pain with the world in a way that is sustaining and vital and helps to keep me connected to land and community, grief and joy. Radical Joy for Hard Times informs my work as a grief counselor, therapist in the community, wilderness guide and as an adjunct faculty member at Naropa University. I am grateful to be a RadJoy Ambassador in Colorado—be in touch—let’s build a powerhouse community of support and action!”



If you’d like to be considered as an Earth Ambassador
, please contact us and tell us about your past and current work in the RadJoy community and why you would like to join.