Radical Joy for Hard Times is a worldwide community of people dedicated to bringing meaning, beauty, and value to places that have been damaged by human or natural acts.

Rad Joy educates, supports, and connects communities around the world to create Earth Exchanges, experiential gatherings in which we visit wounded places, get to know them as they are now, share our stories of what they mean to us, and make a simple, spontaneous work of art there. Often, this “gift to the place” is the Rad Joy Bird, made by the group out of materials found on site.

Creating a sustainable, thriving future on Earth depends upon opening our hearts to the natural world in its brokenness as well as its splendor. Just as we cannot heal our personal wounds until we face them honestly and compassionately, so we must face the broken, ugly, “wounded” places we live among in order that we can find beauty there, thank the places for all they have given, and so heal our relationship with them.

By renewing our appreciation for these places, making simple works of art for and in them, and sharing our personal experiences, we rebuild our communities, create beauty out of waste, and empower ourselves to take action on behalf of the place we love.

In this way we recognize that all of nature is part of the cycle of life and embark on a path of passionate activism based on acceptance, love, and creativity.