2 spontaneous Earth Exchanges

Pook highway Bird

Submitted by Beatrice Pook, Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa:
for a littered highway and a bashed coral tree

I was inspired by a friend to join this initiative yesterday and had not much time to prepare, but then it just inspired me anyway..and I decided to simply open up to the experience and it just came like that:

The village I live in at the moment has a “highway”, where part of our community walks between the shop and their homes… and at about 500m away from the shop the story starts… rubbish,litter sprinkled along the road, indicating the time it took to finish the chips or other snacks on the way, dumped…

So I went to pick it up today…and was asked by bypassers what I was doing and shared your story..and the lady that admitted to usually doing the picking-up thanked me and the story was shared again.

And just before I left for this, a truck drove by my home, looking for parking and bashed into the coral tree outside and just drove on… oh it hurt! There is the other picture..a friend stopped his car and joined in with compassion.

We live in Stanford, a little village close to the beautiful coast of the Western Cape in Southafrica.