Moon Circle Global Earth Exchange

Annie HessSubmitted by Annie Hess, Machipongo, Virginia: For Chesapeake Bay

We had a wonderful Earth Exchange for the Chesapeake Bay on Thursday night!  We felt all your love and support for our event!  I shared with everyone the information about our two “greetings partners” and their events. Pretty remarkable synchronicities because I will be traveling to California this summer for a family reunion and will be in the area of San Leandro and also at Lake Tahoe!  And Laura (in Tahoe) spent a great deal of time on the Chesapeake Bay and has a deep connection to it! (Laura, I hope we can work out meeting when I’m out there!)

For our event we read information about the dangers of plastic microbeads that pollute the bay, agricultural runoff, and the shifting of global water both above ground and underground. We talked about things we could do in our daily lives to make a difference.  We were at a beautiful home right on the shore of the Bay and had a very unusual sunset due to smoke from a forest fire in Canada. Quite amazing that it effected Virginia!

For our act of beauty we broke up into three groups and wrote “Exquisite Corpse” style poetry where each person writes a line of poetry. We wrote a poem for San Leandro, Lake Tahoe and the Chesapeake Bay.  (see below)  We went down to the water’s edge (fighting off very insistent bugs!) to read the completed poems.  One of our members brought some water that was blessed by John of God and “seeded” bottles of water for us all. We poured some of the water in the Bay, too. By “coincidence” I had a little bottle of water that our son brought back last year from Thousand Palms at the San Andreas fault.  So we poured that in the Bay as a circle complete uniting East and West. We filled two little bottles with Chesapeake Bay water that I will send to Scott and Laura to have for their events. The bird we drew in the sand has the poems in its beak to carry the greetings across the continent!  We hope you enjoy them!

What a beautiful night of connection!

Thank you and Blessings to All for your Beautiful Exchanges on the 20th!

For Scott Bradley and the Global Earth Exchange
for San Leandro Marina Estuary
Here for and with light expansion
may the rain cometh
clear water flowing glistening
drip, drip, splash, swoosh
churn, swirly, drip, drip.
Bringer of life, giving abundance, joy, sustenance ~ sweet waters that bless our life
We are made up mostly of water, we are the stewards of the waters of our precious earth, we are in the flow – we must protect
May the waters run clear and be teaming with life
for this generation and generations to come.

For Laura Staman and the Global Earth Exchange
for South Lake TahoeRain dances beneath the Rainbow
Water is within me
Beautiful water, the soul of the earth, feed the world with its glorious mirth.
unite fresh clear with deep dark salt
and medium brackish
From water I came, water nourishes me
and surrounds me.
And so it is that the planet is
nourished and nourishes all with its liquid prize
Cleansing and smoothing as it goes – fear into action
resentment to trust, separation into love
The Earth rejoices in love and thanks
and fairies dance and sing with water on their wings

Moon Circle and the Global Earth Exchange
for the Chesapeake Bay
The bay has been the center of my life
It’s now facing a lot of strife
I work there and play there.
Along with birds, fish, dolphins, butterflies, insects
thriving in this natural paradise
Her waters wash my dunes and cleanse my day
We moved here to fish and watch the dolphins play
Like all its inhabitants we love its pure way
We can watch the sunset and close out our day
So with this water from John of God
We hope to start to heal today.