Radical Joy for Hard Times is a global network of people who believe that making beauty is an 
act of resistance to the prevailing domination of the Earth.

We recognize that what hurts the places and creatures we love hurts us humans as well. We are willing to carry in our hearts the burden of these enormous wounds to the Earth.

We go to these places because we love them as we love a dear friend who is ill, and we spend time with them, listening to the land and to one another. We celebrate the sense of belonging and community that result when we turn something ugly into something beautiful through our collective, creative gifts for these places. Our stories bear testimony to the power of our work. As we share this experience of finding and making beauty in wounded places, we discover how we are connected in the deep common ground beneath our hearts.


Photos from “Raise a Glass to the Catskills”

Watch the slide show below to learn the story of how New Yorkers “raised a glass” of drinking water to the land and people of the Catskill Mountains upstate, where much was sacrificed to make possible some of the purest unfiltered water of any city in the world.